The European League of Football is dismayed by the Russian war of aggression and send a strong signal for peace to show their solidarity with the Ukrainian population as part of a charity campaign:

In addition to the twelve franchises from five nations which will
compete against each other on the field in the 2022 season starting this
June, a 13th (virtual, symbolical) team will be added to the
continental league:

the Ukraine Braves.

By purchasing one of the three limited NFTS for 29 euros,
every fan can become a part of this team.

The total profit will be transferred to the fundraising account of the National Bank of Ukraine, from where all profits will be donated tohumanitarian causes to provide the best possible support to civilians affected by the war.

The idea was developed in cooperation with the
communication association "Eyes & Ears of Europe". The Ukraine
Braves jersey was designed by the BANDA agency based in Kyiv.

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